Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #20

Another B side discovered in an old box of mine the other day. Uchenna Carol Ikejiani's one big disco/club hit was Hit 'n' Run Lover and this was its B side. Too slow to be a disco 'banger', featuring a cheesy horn, and not on any soul aficionado's wantlist I'd wager, but, nevertheless I find this really catchy.

Carol Jiani - All The People Of The World  1981      

Friday, December 19, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #19

Lifers around here will know I'm a big fan of Millie Jackson. I picked up my 9th and 10th album of hers this year. So, borrowing the title from one of them, let's pause for a moment's pleasure from Millie. 

Actually, I would have liked to offer you, not one, but two moments of pleasure from her 1979 album but bandwidth is becoming a problem. After you have listened to the track I've posted head over to youtube and catch her version of  Rising Cost Of Lovethere are so many great versions of this song and Millie's is certainly one of them.   

I'm posting this track because it's Friday... TGIF.... yes, something to shake a butt to is in order.   

Millie Jackson - We Got To Hit It Off  1979

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #18

I'm a bit out of touch with the span of school terms nowadays but I believe most schools will be breaking up for the Christmas holidays around about now. So, in case physical contact of any sort is still allowed now between teacher and pupil, purely for innocent fun and seasonal celebration this might be a good idea:

The flash has sort of washed out the colour of the label in the picture. It is actually a lurid shade of deep pink. The US were way ahead of the UK in such matters but even so I would say this was colourful for a record issued in 1958.   

Incidentally my son and the staff of a local school were led a merry dance by a local recruitment agency today. My son has no actual classroom teaching or assistant experience yet but was put forward as a candidate for a full time supply teaching role in a local secondary school. Much as the school and my son seemed to like each other and my son’s academic qualifications were relevant, they both agreed that the role not a good fit at the moment!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #17

The problem with this post a day malarkey is sometimes there is hardly enough time in the day to do one!

This is the first record that came to hand. 

Don't worry, it's a good one.

Mike & The Censations - Split Personality  1969

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #16

As promised the other day, here is one of my newly discovered B sides from deep in one of my old boxes. Frankly I am a bit disappointed with myself: why had I not noted it before? I estimate this 45, the A side of which is Bus Stop, will have been filed away in its box for 37 years. For all those years it has been nestling next to another Southside Movement 45 - I Been Watching You - which is probably their best known song, and has been well sampled down the years. I remember exactly where I bought, second hand, I Been Watching You (Disc 'n' Tape on Bristol's Gloucester Rd, now just another great record shop in the sky), and exactly how much I paid for it (20p). No doubt on the strength of that 45 at some point soon after I bought Bus Stop. I have cannot tell you where I bought it, or how much I paid for it. Bus Stop is OK but not as strong as their previous 45, and I have no recollection whatsoever of ever playing its B side until a few nights ago. I am glad I finally did. 

In the depths of winter with a dearth of car boot sales, and charity shops going through a relatively barren spell, it's good to know that, without stepping out into the cold, I can go digging in my own record collection come up with a find!

Southside Movement - Love Is For Fools  1975               

Monday, December 15, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #15

Happy to find a copy of this recently. Super happy when I played it.

Tania Maria - Super Happy  1981

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The 2014 Advent-ure : #14

I was talking about looking for hidden gems tucked away on B sides a couple of days ago and said I’d found some… and I’ve just found another that I have to post straightaway!

Working through a batch of singles I bought at a boot sale earlier this year I came to this, a copy of Tamla Motown TMG 604. The A side is Take Me in Your Arms…  which is a great enough track on its own, but then I turned it over and…. just WOW!

I think I paid 20p for this single but if I had already known of this B side I would have gladly paid 100 times that amount.  It’s hauntingly beautiful, and somehow seems appropriate as a Christmas track too. We have one of those snow domes, a large clockwork one that plays a tune, and I could imagine this track playing along behind some mistily nostalgic scene – snow flurries and romance (as it's Christmas I like to think his answer is yes) in the air.

I have always maintained that Candi Staton is my favourite singer, however I have come to realise that Gladys Knight is a challenger for that honour. There is a purity to her voice that probably makes her a better singer. She is possibly more versatile too (athough maybe Candi was never allowed, or never desired, that). That versatility is probably why, later in her career, Gladys Knight (was?) moved more into the mainstream, dare I say it MOR, arena.  That was a pity in my book, because much of the material she sang later in the Seventies, for example, left me cold.   

PS. You can also listen to it here on YouTube where you can also enjoy a wonderful montage of pictures of Gladys. Put it on repeat, I did. Come to think of it, I think Gladys Knight and Candi Staton look alike, especially the eyes.      

PPS. Pop over to The Hi-Fi Cabinet Of Curiosities where something equally haunting awaits.